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Terminator T98 Sep 20, 2019 | 7

I have uploaded over 500 Photos to over 50 celebrities over 2-3 months ago and Im still waiting for them to get approved. What is taking so long?

jute Sep 19, 2019 | 16

"built" the site on plagiarism, all they did was copy over all Mr. Skin's pictures, clips, profiles then stamp their site watermark over Mr. Skin's watermark on all pictures and clips he created. The only reasons this site is free is because you get bombarded with advertisements, even now with a powerful adblocker they are still trying to force open ads in new window with anything you click on, and the fact that the users are the ones who create and upload new pictures and clips thus drawing in new viewers (clicks) All the site owner does is approve a handful of appearances each day and a lazy half-assed job at that which probably averages around 30-60 minutes of their time per day even though they are taking in revenue from advertisements. Someone who owns and moderates a site this large and popular that is making them money should dedicate at least 3-4 hours per day moderating and improving the site, instead of doing a piss poor job and making changes to the site that do not improve it at all. This site would be better off with a new owner/moderator who actually cares about the fuctionality, efficiency, and users/uploaders on the site, not just the revenue they get from it.

charlipon Sep 19, 2019 | -2

This site works with the hundred of contributions from it subscribers. Could this site works much better? Yes, but it's a free site. It has ads? Obviously, it's not a NGO, Me and hundred of members edit the videos and we make the caps, Don't generalize. And this it's my first and only message to you, I won't argue with you because you are "a Iittle" rude and impolite. I only want deffend the "work" of hundred of users. It's very easy, if you don't like the web, stay out from it. Sorry for my english.

jute Sep 19, 2019 | 18

English is obviously not your first language which is probably why you misunderstood what I said. I'm talking about the owner/moderators laziness and lack of care towards the users/uploaders. They do not dedicate nearly enough time to improve/moderate this site, without the users who create, fill in all information, and upload this site would be nothing but an outdated copy of Mr. Skin's site. I'm saying that the site would be much better with new owner that cares and dedicates an adequate amount of time everyday to improve/moderate the site. I've seen dozens of different user/uploaders comment that they upload pictures and clips even over 1 year ago to empty appearances that still haven't been approved to site by moderator, show some bloody respect to the users that keep your site relevant/popular and bring in viewers (clicks = more money for site owner from advertisements)

jute Sep 18, 2019 | 15

You are the most idiotic illogical site owner ever I hope you die so someone more worthy and competent can run this site properly

-KA- Sep 19, 2019 | -13

I'm sorry, what? This dude built a site for us to share videos on without having to download them at low speeds and it's completely free. And you, I mean YOU have the impudence to bitch about it? What the fuck? Why don't you and your alter egos just leave if you hate it so much?

Hitchcock Jan 7, 2019 | 0

I suggested this on the Board over a year ago and I guess I'll ask it here. How about turning the unused Anime category into the Anthology category?

shibbyman23 Jan 3, 2019 | 5

Quit deleting my live posts instead of adding them to the site, I upload 10 or less photos which qualifies. Quote from the rules: "9. It’s allowed to upload only up to 10 photos and 2 videos in the “Miscellaneous” category for one celebrity, from one user within 24 hours. Please, choose the best content, all other media will be deleted. In case of repeating violations, user’s account will be blocked."

shibbyman23 Jun 27, 2018 | 35

Out of all the changes you could have made to make this website better you instead chose to make one that made it worse. I didn't agree to having your website watermark put on the pictures and clips I CREATED and uploaded, and I'm not okay with it. If you are going to keep this change and not make the betterment change of opting for automatic adding of uploads from trusted uploaders to the site then you are going to lose your top uploader, your #1 contributor to the site, and I'm sure other uploaders will follow suit.

-KA- Jun 28, 2018 | -29

I would have agreed with you until you said the words "I CREATED". Dude, don't like. You take videos from actual creators - zorg(hefetus), ruffah, izimybes and others, recut them into shorter clips to get more points - they even have their watermark on them. If that's what you call "I CREATED" then you're even more delusional. You are not a creator, you are a re-poster. Fuck, but your post has a point.

shibbyman23 Jun 28, 2018 | 31

Saying I'm not a creator is a blatant lie, I've created and uploaded numerous pictures and clips over the past 2 years I have nearly 700 folders of which I've created and uploaded.

shibbyman23 Jun 28, 2018 | 23

Some of what I upload is from zorg and ruffah, but I cut the original file so that I can upload only the scenes that match the celebrities appearance. No point in uploading the whole file with different celebrity appearances in it to every celebrity appearance in that movie/tv-show, and I organize the pictures to match the celebrities appearance. I created all the pics/clips myself for all the celebrity appearances in this short film and without notifying me at all they just put there website watermark on every that I created and uploaded which is unacceptable.

-KA- Jun 28, 2018 | 0

Fair enough. I get it. I may have been too harsh on you.

celebfapper08 Jul 31, 2017 | -24

Hi, Guys. We are updating our video encoding software (hq full hd support) . Sorry for any inconvenience in advance (firstly, with approval process). Thank you for your patience.

ensore Mar 3, 2017 | -13

Hi, the page don't let upload vids or pics, thanks

celebfapper08 Mar 3, 2017 | -21

Hello, thank you for report! we will fix it

mochilas Feb 17, 2017 | -28

the page shows Error (#8) in each star

celebfapper08 Feb 17, 2017 | -24

Hello! Unfortunately, yes. We know about this problem and hope to solve it soon....

baiovarii Nov 13, 2016 | -5

It would ne nice if we could see the filenames if we want to edit /delete pictures . At the moment you can't clearly identify the pic if it's uploaded twice with a different size or quality because the order is different between the normal and the edit site.

mochilas Nov 6, 2016 | -27

I suggest Enable Search by Director.

celebfapper08 Nov 7, 2016 | -24


userbz000 Dec 16, 2014 | 1

The Updates/Upgrades WE NEED/WANT on this site 1: a chatroom,you can create one for free on chatzy and add it here 2: being able to PM people 3: having a friend list 4: blocking people 5: being able to create blogs ( need profiles to be activated by an email first ) 6: knowing what the points are good for and how to use them 7: whats a standar profile,what are the other types 8: comments on profiles/walls,not to appear on the last comments section on the site on main menu 9: a magazine cathegory 10: since the site allows pornstars to be shared then add a pornstar cathegory OR only those who had roles in non porn movies,and dont allow porn movies to be allowed. 11: an admin that reply to his email,more often 12: being able to take better credits for our own shares and our shares to be seen in our profiles bottom line,check a site like xhamster,they got it right

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